Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Its April. April 19th. And Thursday. There's nothing much to say about my life in April. I was so preoccupied, my phone is broken and still waiting to be fixed. I've been spending my Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings with netball and I was annoyed by myself. Yup I gained weight so I found myself a little bit difficult to run and manage my breath. (I'm not that fit, enough said). Another thing is that I fell on my knees few weeks ago during the training session, and I've experienced difficulties in moving my right knee ever since the accident happened. I can't really jump and land on my right knee, which is kinda sad. Well hopefully, it'll recover as soon as possible. The last thing I want is me enduring the pain while playing in the tournament next 2 weeks. Ahaa.

My mind is currently filled with one thought and it runs through over and over and over. My need to get to know my future has grown up exponentially. My friends are extremely busy with their interviews, here and there. Scholarships, colleges, name it. The fact about us splitting up in few weeks ahead slowly kills me. Come to think of it, this is all just a new beginning of life, I just gotta keep moving. Ihihihi. And yes I'll be attending an interview for a college next week. Won't hope too much for it but there's no harm trying. But to see me preparing myself with Physics and Add Maths books, its not gonna happen bros. It must be fun to see the examiners or the interviewers totally dumbfounded by my answers. Wehehe. I can't promise that'll happen. But I can promise that I'll try.

Adventures, please be good to me. :)

p/s :

Just don't.

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