Sunday, July 31, 2016

Miss July 2016.

It has been ages. I came across an old friend of mine's blog before I had a sudden realization that, I have a blog too. God I've missed it all, I miss the constant urge to write and compose, I miss reading my old posts - which I made them saved in drafts because I wanted to forget, I wanted to forget that I've ever written them all. But now after rereading the old posts, I thought to myself, heck, this is my life - and why would I wanna disowned my own life? So here I am telling my 22-year-old self. Own it, B, just own it. Embrace everything you have in life, cause it's life. No matter how ugly the memories were back then, they were what makes who you are today. So heck, embrace it. After all, they were what makes you, you.


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