Sunday, January 1, 2017

From Me To Me - On The New Year's Eve.

00:41 - 01/01/2017.

Here's a new year post - to remind me of 2016 and all of the lessons 2016 has taught me. Thank you 2016, it has been such a rough year, so much pain, so much loss & buckets of tears. But all in all - you've taught me to be as human as possible.

Things I wish a 2016 me would know earlier :

  1. 2016 is going to be a difficult year for you. Embrace it. Go through it.
  2. Accept your flaws. There will be people who will use your flaws against you. But screw them. You're already so perfect just the way you are. Don't let their opinions get in your way.
  3. You'll meet a lot of new people in life, you'll make a lot of new friends. But bear this in mind - not everyone can be trusted. Some only enter your life to test you.
  4. You'll lose some people too, fullstop.
  5. You'll encounter health issues this year. You'll meet a lot of doctors, but none of them will ever seem to help. Even your mother will get tired of your coughs. Idk, eat healthy?
  6. This year marks your 3rd year of doing engineering degree. Things are tough, nothing will ever be easy. But trust me on this, you'll be just fine.
  7. You'll find yourself a new hobby. This is one great thing you'll achieve in 2016. You'll notice how it's gonna help you fight loneliness. Some people will tell you you're bad, but never stop learning, continue doing what makes you happy. Afterall, life's a learning process. 
  8. This is gotta be the hardest thing to admit but - some people will make you feel like you will never be good enough for anything - and anyone. Well. I've no say in this.
  9. A lot of people will condemn you in everything you do, in how you act, how you dress, even how you look. What can I say? Just stay strong and learn to ignore without being so affected by it. They don't know your struggles. Keep on fighting to be better, things will be better. Eventually it will.
  10. You'll started seeing people taking advantages on you. As long as you can stand it, let them. You can only pray for them to change.
  11. Lastly, please. End all the negativity. Reset yourself. End your 2016 with an open heart, leave all the negativities behind. Start 2017 with a smile, let your 2017 be a fresh start to everything great.

You'll be fine. I promise.

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