Sunday, January 1, 2017

From Me To Me - On The New Year's Eve.

00:41 - 01/01/2017.

Here's a new year post - to remind me of 2016 and all of the lessons 2016 has taught me. Thank you 2016, it has been such a rough year, so much pain, so much loss & buckets of tears. But all in all - you've taught me to be as human as possible.

Things I wish a 2016 me would know earlier :

  1. 2016 is going to be a difficult year for you. Embrace it. Go through it.
  2. Accept your flaws. There will be people who will use your flaws against you. But screw them. You're already so perfect just the way you are. Don't let their opinions get in your way.
  3. You'll meet a lot of new people in life, you'll make a lot of new friends. But bear this in mind - not everyone can be trusted. Some only enter your life to test you.
  4. You'll lose some people too, fullstop.
  5. You'll encounter health issues this year. You'll meet a lot of doctors, but none of them will ever seem to help. Even your mother will get tired of your coughs. Idk, eat healthy?
  6. This year marks your 3rd year of doing engineering degree. Things are tough, nothing will ever be easy. But trust me on this, you'll be just fine.
  7. You'll find yourself a new hobby. This is one great thing you'll achieve in 2016. You'll notice how it's gonna help you fight loneliness. Some people will tell you you're bad, but never stop learning, continue doing what makes you happy. Afterall, life's a learning process. 
  8. This is gotta be the hardest thing to admit but - some people will make you feel like you will never be good enough for anything - and anyone. Well. I've no say in this.
  9. A lot of people will condemn you in everything you do, in how you act, how you dress, even how you look. What can I say? Just stay strong and learn to ignore without being so affected by it. They don't know your struggles. Keep on fighting to be better, things will be better. Eventually it will.
  10. You'll started seeing people taking advantages on you. As long as you can stand it, let them. You can only pray for them to change.
  11. Lastly, please. End all the negativity. Reset yourself. End your 2016 with an open heart, leave all the negativities behind. Start 2017 with a smile, let your 2017 be a fresh start to everything great.

You'll be fine. I promise.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Miss July 2016.

It has been ages. I came across an old friend of mine's blog before I had a sudden realization that, I have a blog too. God I've missed it all, I miss the constant urge to write and compose, I miss reading my old posts - which I made them saved in drafts because I wanted to forget, I wanted to forget that I've ever written them all. But now after rereading the old posts, I thought to myself, heck, this is my life - and why would I wanna disowned my own life? So here I am telling my 22-year-old self. Own it, B, just own it. Embrace everything you have in life, cause it's life. No matter how ugly the memories were back then, they were what makes who you are today. So heck, embrace it. After all, they were what makes you, you.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Battle, My Battle

All of a sudden I didn’t fit in anywhere. Not at school, not at home… and every time I turned around, another person I’d known forever felt like a stranger to me. Even I felt like a stranger to me. It’s like there are two different people battling inside of me. I want to be good, do good, be a worker among workers, a friend among friends. But there’s also this part of me that is so dissatisfied with everything, If I’m not living on the verge of death, I feel like I’m not really living.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Saturday, January 5, 2013

TOF2012 Love Letter.

Something to share from the Twins of Faith Festival 2012 - a big Islamic event that I'm really grateful and proud to be a part of it. Some quotes that are worth to read and remind us about the temporary dunya and permanent akhirah. I'm starting to miss everything about it. May this benefits all of us in-shaa-Allah.

"To be a Muslim is to love God. In this seminal event, we present a series of interactive workshops and lectures that will address the Love of God in Islam. We will explore the relationship between the Creator and His creation, a believer and his brothers as well as a person and his own soul!"

"Just forgive. No matter how hard and bitter it is. Let it go. Your heart will feel less burden and so much relief."

"When u love Allah, u will love doing what He wants u to do."

"If Jannah is your dream; then hold on to your deen."

"Prophet Muhammad SAW had the toughest 'job' in the world, and yet he wud still stand in the middle of the night to worship Allah."

"When we see someone comitting a sin, it's safe to assume that they're nt doing it w/ intention. Don't give that look full of hatred."

"The masjid is not a club for good doers/perfectionist. The masjid is big enough for sinners and they're always welcome"

"When we deal with someone who has made a mistake, be gentle with them. Don't scare them away."

"1% of Allah SWT's mercy is for us to have and experience on Earth. The other 99% is for the hereafter. Subhanallah."

"A believer is a mirror of a brother/sister."

"If you think your sincerity is sincere enough, then you should question your sincerity."

"When you show love to others, you're showing love to yourself." - Sh. Abdul Rahman Chao

"When you show love, love will come back to you. Always show love, show mercy." - Sh Abdul Rahman Chao

"When you show love to other human being, you're restoring hope in humanity." - Sh Abd Rahmam Chao

"Spoken words are nothing, it's the action that counts."

"One day, our ummah will rise again."

"Love others more than you love yourself."

"Have mercy on others more than you have mercy upon yourself."

"Life is a test. The more test He gives on you, the more He loves you. "

"Before doing anything, ask yourself whether that is pleasing Allah or not. The examples you set should live long after you're gone. That's how you conquer death."

"If you truly love Islam, spread islam, spread love."

"Do your best when you meet Allah five times a day."

"When you think too much about what other people are going to say, then you love this Dunya too much." - Sh. Abduraheem Green

"With your good character, you win people over with hikmah and wisdom "

"The fuel of the fire in jahannam is human being, rock and stones nauzubillah. May we arent among those in jahannam."

"The question now is not who loves Allah. The question is, who does Allah love back?"

"Allah is ever merciful. We just have to show to Allah that we TRIED to reach Him in the dunyaa."

"Syaitan button = snooze button for fajr." - Sh Omar Suleiman

"How many times have we wasted by checking facebook and twitter?"

"Allah will never test you with anything that you can't bear.if you say you cant, you are lying"

"Hurry up! You know your potential but you keep on procrastinating." Sh. Omar Suleiman

"Hide your good deeds, just like how u hide your sins"

"AllahSWT did not create us so that He can punish us." - Tawfique Chowdhury

"Teach your children adab/morals before they learn knowledge." - Sh. Daood Butt

"Sunnah diet - perform ablution after meal will banishes minor sins."

"When you have Allah SWT, you have everything. You have the world." - Faisal Salah

"Allah never lets us down. The dunyaa does. Allah is always there for us." - Omar Esa

"The Ummah is one body. And our goal is Jannah." - Bro Omar Esa

"Blaming shaytan for the wrong things you do only make him stronger."

"The quality of your deen depends on the quality of your ikhlas." - Sh. Abduraheem Green

"Start with 1 deed then try doing more without telling anyone." - Sh. Abduraheem Green

"Constantly remind yourself of the akhirah." - Sh. Abduraheem Green

"The most beautiful thing about being a believer is the love for Allah SWT." - Tawfique Chowdhury

"Hold yourself accountable before you are held accountable." - Sh. Omar Suleiman

"Making doa, talking to AllahSWT is like heaven on earth." - Omar Suleiman

"Allah himself patches your faults, making excuses, because he wants to forgive you." - Omar Suleiman

"On the day of judgement, you either meet the justice of Allah SWT or you meet the mercy of Allah SWT." - Omar Suleiman

"Allah SWT turns to those who have already turned to him." - Omar Suleiman

"A moment on sincerity is huge enough to to be granted Jannah." - Omar Suleiman

"The human condition is not about being perfect. It's about continuous struggle and hardwork." - Abdul Rahman Chao 

"Instead of teaching what is wrong, teach what is right." - Abdul Rahman Chao

"Teach your kids to always look at the bright side of life." - Abdul Rahman Chao

"Change doesn't come from talking, it comes from action." - Sh. Abduraheem Green

"The Prophet SAW made doa for ALL of his ummah in every single salah of which he made." - Tawfique Chawdhury 

"The Propher SAW tried his very best to make our deen easy for us." -Tawfique Chawdhury

"Always have in your mind that we're not gonna live forever." - Sh. Abdurrahman Murad

"In Islam, every single thing that you do in the course of your life is ibadah." - Sh. Abdurrahman Murad

"Men - take notes at the Juma'ah khutbah and share at least ONE note with your family." - Sh. Daood Butt

"So much time and effort is wasted studying a university book which 99% of it is never used afterwards anyway." - Sh. Abdul Rahman Chao

All of these were quoted from the two days event, which most of them were actually noted by fellow brothers and sisters who attended the event. Jazakallah to those who shared their notes online, may Allah bless their kindness in spreading the love of Islam.

As for those who have attended TOF2012, here's what more you can do to contribute. Fill in the form in the link below so the management team can improve the skills to make sure the next TOF will be better than this one in-shaa-Allah!